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Paul HawkinsonPaul A. Hawkinson is best known as publisher of The Fordyce Letter, the monthly newsletter for almost half the nation's staffing businesses. His background in contingency and retained search, as well as human resources management, led to the development of Rap Session, a weekly in-house training series for placement practitioners. He is also the author of Closing on Objections, a bestselling handbook in the field. Paul is quoted in the nation's business and professional journals, is a speaker at major staffing conferences, and has been a major influence in professionalizing and unifying the industry.

Jeff AllenJeffrey G. Allen, J.D., C.P.C. turned a decade of recruiting and human resources management into the legal specialty of placement law. For over 40 years, Jeff has collected more placement fees, litigated more trade secrets cases, and assisted more placement practitioners than anyone else. From individuals to multinational corporations in every phase of staffing, his name is synonymous with competent legal representation. Jeff holds four certifications in placement and is the author of many bestselling books in the career field.

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