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Search Research Institute proudly announces the first correspondence certification program for search and placement practitioners.

There are no requirements to become a recruiter. It takes nothing but a phone and a computer connected to the internet. Search activities are virtually unregulated by laws or industry standards. Anyone can play and there are no rules. As a result, "placement professionalism" has become synonymous with "personal preference."

Clients, candidates and temporary employees want effective recruiters representing them, but they have few ways to measure competence in advance. Certification is one of them. Now you can become certified without ever leaving your desk!

With the Certified Search Specialist designation, you proclaim your professionalism through an objective "third-party testimonial." With every business card, brochure, directory listing and letter—in fact, every time your name appears—others are reminded you're a pro. They respect you more so they accept your advice. You make more placements faster.

For over a decade Search Research Institute has been the nation's primary source of materials to assist recruiters. Three of its best-selling books—The Placement Strategy Handbook, Placement Management and NPLC Fee Collection Guide— are the texts for the CSS course.

Once you have studied the books, you must take and return the CSS examination consisting of 750 questions. The exam was developed by Organizational Services Corporation, a major independent testing service located in Atlanta. The research and development was supervised by Kenneth G. Amitin, Ph.D., an internationally recognized expert in test design.

You can take the test with pride. It is a credible, objective way to determine your comprehension of the course materials. The discipline of taking it enables you to learn the information even more effectively than you would just by reading the books.

The entire certification program is done through correspondence. This allows you to study conveniently and at your own pace. Then you can take the exam when you're ready. You'll be required to verify the self-study upon returning the completed exam.

$100.00, 70 questions.
Purchase or ownership of The Placement Strategy Handbook, Placement Management and NPLC Fee Collection Guide required.

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