The Placement Strategy Handbook

Placement StrategyThe Placement Strategy Handbook outsells all other recruiting materials combined. The book contains relevant, easy-to-apply information that means the difference between actually placing a candidate and almost doing so. Most important, it will help you become a true "consultant," professionally advising people who regard themselves as clients and candidates.

Successful recruiters don't react — they act. They literally "make" placements. And they use The Placement Strategy Handbook to do it.

$32.50, Paperback. 60 Chapters, 167 pages

Table of Contents

  1. Examining the Employer Mentality
  2. Reaching the Decision Maker
  3. Questioning Your Way to Placements
  4. Taping Telephone Calls: Re-Playing with Fire
  5. Coping with Consultant Burnout
  6. Training Yourself to Listen
  7. Moving Into Search Without Skipping a Meal
  8. Zap! You're an Industry Specialist
  9. A Job Order or Only a Job Lead?
  10. Educating Employers on Recruiting
  11. The Telesearch Canons
  12. The Reply to "We Don't Pay Fees"
  13. The Reply to "Your Fee's Too High"
  14. The Reply to "Send Me a Resume"
  15. Resume Roulette: How to Play the Game
  16. Unlocking Key Accounts
  17. Retained or Chained?
  18. Exclusive Search Assignments
  19. Writing the "Perfect" Job Order
  20. Affirmative Action: Negative Reaction
  21. What Requirements Are Really Discriminatory?
  22. The 10 Most Frequently Asked Affirmative Action Questions
  23. Handling Clients in Your Office
  24. Obtaining the Acceptance
  25. Creating the Recruit File
  26. A Ruse by Any Other Name
  27. The Corporate Raid!
  28. Exclusive Candidates
  29. How to Thaw the Freeze on Referral Fees
  30. Interviewing Candidates in Your Office
  1. Helping Your Candidate Score with an Offer
  2. Candidate Compensation Negotiating
  3. Counteroffer Counterattack!
  4. Reference Checking
  5. Appraising the Reference Wreck
  6. Repairing the Reference Wreck
  7. Closing Questions
  8. The Puppydog Close
  9. The Negative Close
  10. The Investment Close
  11. Ten Steps to the Reimbursement Close
  12. Employment Agreements: The Candidate's Bottom Line
  13. Collecting the Fee and Keeping the Client
  14. But For, But If, What Then?
  15. High Court Says Knowledge of Fee Means Acceptance of Schedule
  16. Placement Service Agreement: The Hiring Squeeze
  17. The Employee Payback: Stay Back, Way Back
  18. Close Encounters of the 30-Day Kind
  19. Fee or Free, Which Will It Be?
  20. The Instant Fall-Off: Getting Paid
  21. Indemnification: A Little-Known Collection Device
  22. How to Select an Attorney
  23. Attorney's Fees, Please!
  24. When Your Client Fires Your Candidate
  25. Networking Not Working? Get Working!
  26. Tapping the Rest of the Market
  27. Searching for Hidden Placements
  28. An Interview about Placement Law
  29. The Concise Consult
  30. A High State Court Says "Stay Out or Get Licensed!"


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