Placement Management

Placement Management 

Placement Management is the definitive reference for staffing businesses. Using it gives placement practitioners the equivalent of a Ph.D. It contains an index of over 750 key words, phrases, sources and case citations.

Placement Management draws not only from the knowledge of the authors, but from hundreds of professionals who contributed their expertise. Having it near your desk is like having an in-house team of consultants and placement attorneys.

$149.50, Hardcover. 120 Chapters, 440 pages

Table of Contents

Topics Concerning Your Business

  1. Should You Be In the Recruiting Business?
  2. The Placement Industry
  3. Naming or Re-Naming Your Business
  4. Your Office Layout
  5. Should You Incorporate?
  6. How to Prepare a Policy Manual
  7. The Home-Based Operation
  8. When Partners Part
  9. Keeping What You Earn
  10. Networking for Fun and Profit
  11. Computerizing Your Business
  12. Protecting Your Files when You Computerize
  13. Advisory Boards
  14. The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Placement Insurance
  15. Retained v. Contingency Search: The Major Differences
  16. Executive Search Proposals
  17. Going from Placement to Outplacement
  18. Joining the Advice Squad: Management Consulting

Topics Concerning Your Consultants

  1. Recruiting Recruiters
  2. Part-Time Recruiters
  3. Cutting Your Employment Agreement Down to Size
  4. Consultant Employment Agreements: Doubletalk Defenses
  5. Are You Hiring a Lawsuit?
  6. Recruiters Recruiting Recruiters
  7. Consultant Personality Types You'll Recognize
  8. Separating the Recruiters from the Recliners
  9. Employees or Independent Contractors?
  10. Consultant Compensation
  11. A Basis for Establishing your Compensation Programs
  12. Thoughts on Consultant Compensation
  13. Recruiting Rewards
  14. A Piece of the Action — The Only Perk That Works
  15. Overtime for Consultants — Only After They Leave!
  16. Why You Can't Enforce Trade Secrets Against an Independent Contractor
  17. Monitoring and Maintaining Morale
  18. Controlling the Consultant Career Curve
  19. Coping with Creative Consultants
  20. Negating Consultant Negativism
  21. Riding the Recruiting Rollercoaster
  22. Consultant Procrastination Cures
  23. The Training Triad: Imitation, Practice and Reinforcement
  24. The Art of Listening — A Hearing Aid
  25. Getting Involved
  26. Managing by the Numbers
  27. Controlling the Consultant Slump
  28. Why Consultants Really Leave
  29. Preparing Low-Billers for Termination
  30. When a Consultant Leaves and Invoices the Client
  31. Collecting the Fee when a Consultant Places Himself
  32. What Do You Owe a Departing Consultant?

Topics Concerning Your Candidates

  1. What Candidates Really Dislike
  2. A Candidate's Right to Privacy
  3. Ten Times when Your Candidate's References will be Checked
  4. The Five Most Difficult Candidates (and How to Recruit Them)
  5. When Your Candidate Won't Budge — Ten Recruiting Blasters
  6. Improving the Perception of Your Candidates
  7. Saving the Placement After Your Candidate Accepts Another Offer
  8. When the Candidate's Employer Finds Out — The Rubber Resume
  9. How Salary Offers are Made and Raised
  10. Fall-Offs — The Candidate's Rights (and Yours)
  1. Re-Recruiting a Placed Candidate
  2. How Long Must You Wait to Recruit from a Former Client?
  3. Sign-On Bonuses
  4. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Pre-Employment Tests

Topics Concerning Your Business

  1. Placing a Value on Your Company
  2. Packaging Your Loan Request
  3. Buying an Existing Placement Business
  4. How to Sell Your Placement Business and Still Run It
  5. Shifting the Client's Loyalty from Consultants to Management
  6. Setting an "Off Limits" Policy
  7. Your Public Relations
  8. Newslettering
  9. Eight Ways to Develop a Better Brochure
  10. Getting the Most from your Lease
  11. Trademarks: Protecting Against Use of Your Name
  12. Copyrights: Protecting Against Use of Your Forms
  13. Libel and Slander: Liability for Candor
  14. Tapping Your Files for Hidden Revenue
  15. The Sanitized Job Order Book
  16. Researchers
  17. Name Gathering
  18. Taping Telephone Calls
  19. Arbitration and How it Works
  20. Guarantees
  21. Classified Ads: Help Wanted, but Not from You
  22. Sweat Equity Fees
  23. Ten Mismanagement Formulas
  24. Ten Commandments You Haven't Seen
  25. Client Recruiting
  26. Targeting Your Other Search — For Clients
  27. How to Get the Human Resources Manager to Help You
  28. Games Employers Play
  29. Why Companies Should Avoid In-House Recruiters
  30. Why Do We Call Them Clients?
  31. Must You Tell Anyone about a Bad Reference?
  32. "We Only Refer Pre-Screened Candidates"
  33. Sending Unsolicited Resumes
  34. Collecting a Fee for an Unsolicited Resume
  35. Exclusive Assignments — Getting Paid for Someone Else's Placement
  36. A Simplified Legal Theory to Win Placement Fee Cases
  37. Surviving the Competition — Defensive Strategies
  38. Getting Paid Before the Candidate Starts
  39. Kickbacks
  40. Erecting Barriers to Time-Wasters
  41. Fee Negotiation
  42. Receiving Your Fee in Bankruptcy
  43. Cheaper by the Dozen — Volume Fee Discounting
  44. Silence as What?
  45. How the Silent Client Ambushes the Headhunter
  46. Fee Collections — The Causation Frustration
  47. The Case of the Phantom Hiring Authority
  48. The 30-Day Sentence — Preventing Falloffs
  49. How Your Fee Schedule Endears You to Employers
  50. Payment of Less than the Full Fee — Should You Cash the Check?
  51. Send-Out to "A", Hire by "B" — Intercepting the Forward Pass
  52. Collecting Collectibles — Placements in the Basement
  53. Feephobia — Behavioral Modification to Get You Paid
  54. Which is the Best Court for You?
  55. What Recruiters Ask about Depositions
  56. Collecting in the Courtroom


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