The Best of Jeff Allen

The Best of Jeff Allen

The Best of Jeff Allen, J.D., C.P.C. is the procedure manual used daily by the most successful staffing services in the world. They increase their businesses and reduce their legal fees every day with the comment, "Let's check the BOJA." Now this incredible publication is available to the entire industry in convenient looseleaf or single chapter form.

Nobody but Jeff Allen could have developed a reference work with its depth, breadth, legal citations, or ease of reading. It is the equivalent of directly contacting Jeff with a specific staffing problem, and having him apply over 40 years of "desk-up" legal experience to the answer. Instantly, at no additional cost.

Note: Almost all of the information contained in The Best of Jeff Allen, J.D., C.P.C. is new. While some of the subjects are covered in other SRI books, different issues are addressed.

$395.00, Looseleaf. 212 Chapters, 1600 pages.

To order the complete set of 212 chapters in two looseleaf binders, click here or on the "order" button below. To view the Table of Contents, or to order individual chapters, click here for the individual chapter order form.

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